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Tesis Program Magister Management Universitas Widyatama
To improve the quality of human resources in order to be competitive we need education. Education is a conscious and deliberate effort to create an atmosphere of learning and the learning process so that learners are actively developing the potential for him to have the spiritual power of religion, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and skills needed him, society, nation, and state. Given this reality the author would like to examine with the title "ANALYSIS STUDY STUDENTS LEARNING STYLE TO FORM MANAGERIAL COMPETENCE (CASE STUDY WIDYATAMA MM)" Based on the identification of the above, this study aims to: 1. Knowing the individual learning styles through Concrete Experience / feeling (CE), Reflective Observation / Watching (RO), conceptualization Abstract / Thinking (CA), Experiment Active / Doing (EA) Students MM Widyatama. 2. Knowing the formation of managerial competence in MM Widyatama. 3. The extent to which the influence of individual learning styles through Concrete Experience / feeling (CE), Reflective Observation / Watching (RO), conceptualization Abstract / Thinking (CA), Experiment Active / Doing (EA) on the formation of managerial competence Students Widyatama MM. This research is a survey while the method is descriptive analysis. Data collection is done by taking a sample of students of University of Management Master Program Widyatama random Bandung simple random. Statistical processing of the data obtained using the statistical software package for social science (SPSS) for Windows version 20. Description and analysis of the data obtained from primary and secondary data research. Primary data of this study is the result of a questionnaire distributed to 100 people. The data is the main data which is supported by the analysis of secondary data obtained from the results of the analysis of field observations and some literature sources to strengthen and deepen the analysis results. Data obtained from the questionnaire consists of research data. Based on the results of data processing and discussion of research studies to improve the quality of learning in the Master of Management Widyatama through analysis of individual learning styles influence on the formation of Managerial Competence. Learning styles of students will form, has an influence on the formation of Managerial Competence in Management Master Widyatama. Managerial competence identified include Competence Impact And Influence, Achievement Orientation, Teamwork and Cooperation, Analytical Thinking, Initiative, Other Developing, Selft-Confidence, Directiveness, Information Seeking, Team Leadership., Learning styles are the most influential form of Managerial competence is learning style Aktive Eksperimentation where students have become accustomed to the habit by way of trial and error theory or new concepts as well as systematic based on his knowledge to take a decision or to prove the truth of a theory. The curriculum is constantly made to improve and have confidence Managerial Competence (Personal Maturity), this competence is influenced by individual learning styles Aktive Eksperimentation Lecturers quality should be improved by increasing education and training, especially the soft skill training in order to familiarize themselves to the learning style of analytical thinking can ditingkatkan.Sarana and infrastructures as supporting the learning process should continue to be evaluated in order to function properly. Each course is followed tasks / practice / exercise responsibly.
Learning Style, Competence Managerial