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Jurnal Bisnis, Manajemen & Ekonomi Vol 6 No. 4, Universitas Widyatama
The primary focus of this paper is the role of advertising as marketing activities used to convey information to, and to influence the behavior of consumers. This paper has been concerned with the examining the advertising function in the context of business and marketing environment and from a perspective that assumes these activities are appropriate as the influence of buying behavior. Advertising is a very powerful force that has social and economic effect to the society. Proponents of the advertising argue that it is the lifeblood of business. It provides consumers with information about products and services and encourages them to improve their standard of living. It also argued that advertising can be used as learning media for society and it opens job opportunify for them. But not everyone values advertising. Negative opinions regarding advertising have been around almost as long as the field it self. One of the reasons advertising is becoming so prevalent not only in magazine, newspaper, out dwr, television and radio but more and more public space is being commercialized. Another important issue regarding advertising is the ethical dimension of advertising. The ethical issues that affect advertising include: the accuracy of the message, puffery, communicating with children appropriately, promoting controversial product and subliminal advertising. Efforts have been made in order to minimize the negative impact of advertising by government, advertising agency, society, and media group.
advertising, ethical dimensions