Analisis Pergeseran Peran Pada Novel The Negotiator Dan Terjemahannya: Satu Kajian Sintaktis Dan Semantis

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Universitas Widyatama
This thesis is entitled ”Analisis Pergeseran Peran pada Novel the Negotiator dan Terjemahannya:Satu Kajian Sintaktis dan Semantis“. This thesis focuses on the shift of role at the translation from source languange to target languange. The method used in this thesis is descriptive-analysis method with the following procedures: firstly, collecting the data, secondly, classifying the data, and finally, analyzing the data. The results of the analysis are that no shift of role occures at the translation and there are shifts of roles. The role shifts are as follows: (1) the agent becomes the affected (2) the affected becomes the agent (3) the accompaniment becomes the agent (4) the accompaniment becomes the affected (5) the affected becomes accompaniment (6) the beneficiary becomes the goal, and (7) the beneficiary becomes the affected. The types of the traslantion used are free translation and literal translation
The Negotiator, Sintaksis, Semantis